SwARM: fly away

Hi guys,

This second half of the week was not very productive as we had to hurry to finish the STM32 practice. The challenge on friday was really interesting and quite challenging, we stayed for more than 13 hours in A406…
Still I managed to spend some time on the schematic, made some small corrections (changed the pull-up resistors and cross referenced the connections what did lead to new corrections).

This week will also be quite busy so I don’t expect to do anything in particular by Wednesday. If I have some time, I will add the uUSB connector and create a routing table so that it is easier for Alexis to review our routing. Also it is very important that we distribute the work that we will do during the Athens week so that we make huge progress in the project by the 21th of November when we get back to class.

Wish you all a good week


Paul Guerin

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