BreathUp half-week 7!

سهار مو نیکمرغه ! the

This week, I have two main things to achieve: the first was to begin with implementing algorithm in C and second one the linking. As the schematic wasn’t finished yet, I couldn’t work on it during the first part of this week but it seems that now Alexis is satisfied enough so that I will begin with the linking in the second half of the week.

On the other hand, I began the implementation of the algorithm. I finished yet two different adaptative filters that will canceled the 50Hz noise but I can’t actually test it because I need to pair it with some bandpass filters. However, as I ‘m quite sure that common filters have ever been implemented in C, I’m looking for libraries which permit me to do it. Thanks to Alexis, I found one interesting library (CMSYS-DSP) that I will continue to explore but I’m quite sure to use it for lowpass/bandpass/highpass filters in the filtering chain.

So from now until the end of the week, I expect to finish the first allocation try for our PCB and to have chosen the library I will use for the algorithm implementation.

Stay tuned !

Benjamin for BreathUp 😉

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