SwARM: Ein guter Tag zum Fliegen

Hi guys!

As I told you on my last post I did not have much time to play with Expedition PCB this week but still I managed to add a uUSB B connector to the schematic, create a routing table (so guys if you want a routing table for STM32F302R6T6 I have one I can send you, it’s under Apple’s Numbers format of course so that everyone can enjoy it 🙂 This got me to reset all the connections I had already made with the MCU because I knew I could think of better ones with my routing table at hand 🙂

Right now we are doing some intensive thinking about what each of us will be doing from tomorrow night to the 20th of November 🙂 There will be no more exams and Perceval will only have ATHENS classes to attend to. I will be home, drinking mate throughout the day, and FINISHING the connections to the MCU, and then placing and routing everything on the PCB.

Have a nice week,


Paul Guerin

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