Web server, Python scripts and schematics


Last Sunday I was saying that I had finished the scheme for the LoRa chip. In fact, after some talks with Alexis, we decided to finally use the exact scheme they are using in one of the reference designs. Indeed I had taken the closest capacitor and coil I had found in Alexis database of component, but that didn’t seems safe enough as design antenna is quite difficult. So Alexis added the exact components and I changed them in the scheme.

I’ve also worked again on the Python script used to plot curves after the filters because they were using MatLab and this is pretty heavy and unnecessary. It’s currently using matplotlib, and that’s a great improvement for Alexandre that have to check if each one of his data acquisition are relevant!

I’ve started to design the web architecture but I still need to work on the authentication and on the LoRa connexion because we want to build something secure and that is not something we can make up.

Eventually, as time is flying, we need to work on the next step of the PCB design: the placement of the components. I’ve therefore start with some drawing so that we agree on the global position of each part as some of them are quite sensitive such as the ADC that need a really clean power supply, the Bluetooth and LoRa antenna that also need to be isolated…

For the end of the week, I will not work a lot. I think of using this long week-end at my parent’s home, as holidays because as I don’t have an Athens week, I need to be prepared to work a lot next week!

Next news on Sunday, but that might not be a revolution.

Xavier Chapron

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