Makahiya – I2S and audio codec

Hi everybody,

This post will be shorter than the others for 2 reasons: Alexis asked us not to work to much during this long week-end and my work has been unsuccessful.

Since last Wednesday, we focused with Tanguy on trying to use the audio codec on our development board, in order to see if it’s possible to use it in our project. And since Thursday, we’re stuck trying to use the I2S to communicate with the codec. We both spent hours trying to make it work, unfortunately without any success until now.

I also tried to use a software codec to decode ogg files and convert them in PCM signal. I spent some times to understand how it works (the provided Makefile is 674 lines long so it takes some time to understand what is really important). And then, I tried to use it on my development board but it requires some system files that it can’t find so I have to investigate a bit to see if it’s possible to do without them or to provide stubs for them.

Next week will be fully dedicated to the project so I want to have the codec work and to finish the schematic and the PCB before Wednesday evening.

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