Makahiya, Week 7


During the end of this week, I tried to test the audio codec that is on our TP-Board to see if we could use it for the project. So on Thursday, we tried to use ChibiOS’s I2S Driver. Unfortunately, we weren’t successful.

Then came the weekend, on Friday I generated the values to send to the audio codec to have a constant note (with a frequency 100 times smaller than the frequency of the I2S communication). But I had run out of ideas to make the driver work.

On Sunday, Sylvain found the missing step, all that was needed was to change the source clock for I2S in the mcuconf file. But it still didn’t work. I could only test with headphones as I don’t have a logical analyzer at home and it never outputted anything. After some tries, it appeared that my code worked, but not on the board I had. The same thing happened to me during the challenge (my LCD screen didn’t work), and it is quite frustrating.

Thus, I am unable to test the codec by myself, so I helped Sylvain who was also trying to do this. I helped him to include raw data in the executable to test, but we need to have a small file that fits in the flash of the STM and we aren’t yet able to process compressed files. I sent Sylvain a raw audio file that should work for the test and he will try to test it later.

Next week, I will probably resume working on the PCB.


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