SwARM: pain and gain

Hi guys,

The objective of this no class week being to finish the board of the robots, I can say that we are on a good way. I have worked hard on it this weekend and Alexis reviewed it yesterday. So today, apart from eating raclette I worked on the corrections that had to be made after Alexis’ remarks. I still need to correct the orientation of a transistor and then I will begin with the placing and routing of our components on the PCB 🙂

What bothers me most is that we still haven’t selected a last piece for our electrical supply circuit. Also Alexis has raised an issue that I yet don’t know how to solve: we don’t have the required voltage output on the SPI that communicates with our LED bands. This adds up to the fact that we need to think of a solution to update the robots wirelessly 🙂

As you see there is a lot to do!
Thank god mommy and dadddy will do the cooking for me this week ^^


Paul Guerin

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  • Dryvenn

    Is the OTA update a requirement of your project or just a “nice-to-have” ?

  • PaulGWF

    Dear Dryvenn 🙂

    SwARM is supposed to be a swarm, so the end user and coordinator of the robots should have a lot of them, something like at least 20. And as Madame Michu is not very familiar with this kind of procedure, it is kind of a requirement of our project in a non prototype phase. But as we are yet developing non final products, it is not a requirement.

    Yet being OTA updates is one of our PSSC…

  • Loki

    As a piece of advice, you’ll need the OTA even for the developpement sooner than you think, once you’ll got your 20 something prototypes running, it will be a huge loss of time to reflash them manually.
    And think of the power of typing one line of command and having magically all your prototypes reflashed :).

    Also this is a very useful feature to learn and this project is the right moment to do this.
    I would recommend that once you got your board soldered and checked, and a minimum code that can communicate and initialize the peripherals, that one member of the team spends some time on it.

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