BreathUp week 7!


As Sylvain said it, this is our “off” week-end. Indeed, next week is an athens one so we are not supposed have embedded system lessons and Alexis told us to take some rest! Of course I did it 😉

As far as our project is concerned, on Friday, we had a new meeting with Alexandre and Laurent because we were not able to do our last Saturday experience. For some reasons, the EMG signal seems to be lost among noise… So with Laurent, we did a lot of tests and we saw that sometimes multiples of 50Hz have a far more important intensity for some strange reasons that we still do not know. So all the filtering chain may be changed during the next week. I will have to work a lot on it to delete these harmonics.

Besides, I began this morning to work on the placing and the linking. So I set up all the environment for our project and I began to look at what my mates did on the schematic. Thus I made a draft of the linking to spend less time on it.

For the following week, this is still the same two things, I need to work on it: linking and filtering !


Have a nice week !


Benjamin for BreathUp 😉

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