BreathUp week 8 !

Sabaïdi !

This end of week, I was pretty sick, it wasn’t the best thing for the job but I tried to rest a lot and today, I began to work again on the project!

We are already at the end of november and we still do not have our PCB up, but I ended with my placing and Alexis will tell me what to change tomorrow afternoon so it will be over soon, I hope so !


Concerning the algorithm, I spent my morning redefining all the filtering part, starting from scratch ! But this time, I think I have a solution strong enough to be showed to Laurent. Indeed, I tested it on some acquisitions that weren’t giving any results but with the new algorithm, I can see the breathing EMG even if the patient is touching some 50Hz! I want to test it more and after I will keep implementing it in C


Stay tuned and good evening again !

Benjamin for BreathUp

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