SwARM, week 8, 2/2


This Athens week was a great experience, and I am now ready to dive again fully into ROSE.

I have been reading about boids and talked with Perceval about how to do the emergent patterns & choreography part, it most likely will be some object oriented code on the server, and we have some ideas we would like to try out. I will start tomorrow morning.

Another hot topic is the camera: I believe we will need it to get the precise positions of the robots, and we thus have to get on it. Well, we do have some new tasks to start rather soon, that is.



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  • Loki

    You can maybe do a graphical simulator to visualize the patterns before having the prototypes.

  • alban

    Yes indeed, this was part of the plan, although I do not know how to realise it as of now.
    I was thinking of using C++, even though I am not particularly good at it, and heard of openGL: does it sound like a good idea to you ? Would you have any better proposition ?

  • Loki

    Well you only need to have a 2D display right so no need for opengl.
    I would suggest SDL in C or PyGame (SDL wrapped in python).
    Or Qt in C++ (pyQt if you prefer python).

  • alban

    Thanks a lot, I will look into QT, and maybe SDL. I am working on the camera and opencv as of now, but this is next on my todo list.

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