BreathUp: Getting closer for the acquisition part


So, Sunday I said that I wanted to improve the server and make some more tests on LoRa and for the beginning of the week, I haven’t really done that…

So what did I do?

First, on Monday I worked with my team mates on a resume of the work that has been done for the project for a presentation we made for our teachers.
Then on Tuesday, I spent a lot of time as a guinea pig to acquire some more ECG and EMG. They are pretty good so we decided to send some of them to E-Respi with a sum up of what has been done. I wrote it with Alexandre and it was quite a long mail to write because writing something with two brains is clearly longer than with one… But we finally sent it and received some encouraging feedbacks. They are real EMG, they are our breathing signals, and they should be clear enough to count the breathing signals and for a doctor to analyze them if necessary.
I’m not saying that they are perfect… We will have huge problems to detect when the patient is moving or speaking and we need to disqualify those moments.
I also spent time on rewriting some Python scripts to filter multiple acquisitions at a time, to export them as csv, to change the acquisition sample time… And they are clearly increasing our efficiency!

Eventually, I did not work so much on the server and the LoRa part, but I might spend more time on it during the end of the week.

See you on Sunday.

Xavier Chapron

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