BreathUp half-week 9!

Sin chow !

A good beginning of the week ! So, on Monday, we had an oral presentation of our working progress of the last two months. It was quite important because it allows us to take stuck of the situation.

After that with Alexandre, we ended with acquiring a lot of curves to test my new algorithm in many different situations with different parameters. The filtering was strong enough to present our results to the firm and at this moment, their feedbacks were positive.


On the other hand, Alexis gave me a PCB review with some things to change: the battery connector wasn’t well placed and the analog supply power of our Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) was too close of the numeric supply power… I had to replace a lot of things to take away the numeric supply power. I ended it earlier this afternoon and I’m waiting a new review from Alexis.


Thus, this week, I will focus on our PCB and do the routing as soon as Alexis allows me. At the same time, I have an optimisation job to achieve on algorithms and to implement it in C.


Stay tuned, I will give you some news from now until Sunday.

Benjamin for BreathUp!

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