BreathUp,week 9

Good Night,

This week, I began to work on a document to explain clearly the features of the application because, at the beginning I would put lots of features on the application. And some features was not necessary for a first version. If I have some times at the end of the project I would like to work again on the application to add those features. To write this document, I told with Xavier about the server to understand how it  works and which http requests the application must send.

After that, I began the development of the application. Today, it can :

  • Start a service;
  • Close the service;
  • Activate the bluetooth and detect if there is a bluetooth connexion;
  • Track the bluetooth connexion of the others devices and put the device name on a TextView;

The application does not finish, so my main task for the end of the week will be to finish it and make some tests with Alexandre who will work on the project’s bluetooth module.


Benoît for BreathUp

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