BreathUp, end of the holidays!

At first I chose to not go on the Athens week to work on the project. Unfortunately I wasn’t in Paris, and I didn’t have material to work on the project. This is the reason why I posted nothing on the logbook the last week. But here is what I had done since my last post:

First, we met Laurent on Friday on the 11 with Benjamin. After doing test to understand why the acquisition part wasn’t working every time, even in the same condition, Laurent propose to do a fourier transformation on two basic signals: one we were able to filter, and one we weren’t. We notice that the guilty was still the 50Hz. I’m sorry, but with my commitment I think I can’t say more. Anyway Benjamin has changed the algorithm, and now it is working much more often.

The next thing I had to carry was the supply chain and the clock of the DAC. It was hard for me, but I had to give up! But you will ask surely why?! Here is the point: we are working on something which never exists, and there are so many factors which matter for good acquisitions. I did so many test before that I realize that to answer this question it would take a lot of hour we haven’t. So let choose something which is currently working.

But that is not the only decision I took. Seeing that the time was going so fast, I decided to reduce the context of use: the patient needs to be quiet; he doesn’t have to touch a device that uses 50Hz…. It sound very shy from me but here are two reasons: First the main goal is to build a prototype for a startup which will try to found investors with our prototype, so they need something which is working in a simple case more than something which doesn’t work at all. What’s more I learnt from my personal previous project: it is always easier to make it simple and improve it after rather than try to build something sophisticated it at once!

So basically this is what I did until yesterday. The second thing I did is write an email to E-respi to define what we had done, what would be next and more important try to define the final achievement. It is something I asked in an email three weeks ago, but we never discuss of. Even if it seems simple I succeed to do something great with it: talk with my group! We finally defined what the expected results were. But here is the point: we are waiting an algorithm from I-respi. However we don’t know if it is really working. So I defined with other guys the way we will continue the project in the two case, and have something to present the final day of the class.

On the case we won’t have the algorithm; we decided to send all the electromyogram. Xavier didn’t agree with that because he thought the data were too big, but I found the way to reduce the size without damaging it!

After telling you what I did, here is what I planned to do: learn how to use the Bluetooth before the pcb come, keep helping Benjamin on the filtering part to get the best outcome. I think I may have certain simple idea to quantify easily the result. I’ll try to implement it.

Ok I think it is enough for tonight. This morning I was not confident about some point, but this day really help me to visualize the rest of the project.

I swear the next post will be smaller than this one!

Good evening

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