SwARM: Comme d’habitude

Hi guys!

This first part of the week was business as usual for me. I worked on the placement, reviewed the design with Perceval, made some corrections and now all my attention is placed on the placement. We exchanged some interesting emails with Alexis in order to review some details of the schematics and today he helped us with the placement 🙂

That’s why, as soon as I finish my meeting with the spanish teacher tomorrow morning, I will spend a last few hours on placement and then routing.

On a more general basis Monday we had to make a presentation in thirty minutes and the discussion with the teachers helped us understand that we lacked some organization and that we had to focus on urgent tasks like locating the robots with Decawaves and a camera as well as define how the communications are going to work between the server and the robots.

Have a nice second half of the week 🙂


Paul Guerin

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