SwARM, week 9, 1/2


woops, it’s quite late, I got completely caught up in my work and forgot about time.

These last few days, we redefined what would be done on the robot vs on the server, such as who knows the exact position, who decides what to do, what kind of paths can the robot follow, and so on. Because of this, our use of decawave changes a bit, although thankfully not too much. We also decided to actively start working on the camera and shape tracking, a task which I started with Perceval. We decided to use openCV, following Arnaud and Perceval’s advice, and there seem to be quite a lot of libraries and existing software that will enable us to start testing the required resolution of the camera quite soon.

We also expanded our use of github with a now dev branch: dev is the merging branch, and master the release one.



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