BreathUp : schematics, LoRa and webapp


During the end of the week I worked on many topics:

  • We spent some time with E-respi to show them our progress, and I hope that they are happy with it.
  • I worked on the PCB:
    • I switched the pins connection of the LoRa and the ADC on the MCU. That looks like nothing, but it was important for Benjamin to create a better placement of our PCB. And that wasn’t so easy because both the ADC and the LoRa need a lot of pins with requirements : SPI, IRQ…
    • I double checked the routing table of the MCU because we can’t afford any error in it.
  • I also spent some time on the webapp :
    • Improving the tests.
    • Refactoring some views.
    • Reading some documentation on Ajax and Jinja2, because I will probably need them in order to use the wep API from a web browser.
  • I’ve spent hours on porting LMIC for ChibiOs on STM32. That’s more difficult than I thought… This is still on progress but I think that I’m getting closer!

Eventually, I will still work on the webapp and on LoRa this week, and I hope to obtain some results!

Have a nice week,

Xavier Chapron

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