BreathUp, week 9

Hi everyone,

During this end of week, I was not very efficient. Indeed, the application did not progress a lot. I identified some bugs in my code and I corrected some of them. There is still a bug, I identified it but I have not understood why that generate an error. I still investigate. However, I worked on the bluetooth connexion but like I found the bugs, I stopped that to correct the bugs. So I could not tests that part. I had some problem with the UUID, because my understanding of that was wrong. That is why I made some researches to understand what it is and which one I will use.

Friday, with my teammates, we met E-Respi to present our progress and speak about algorithms they had to give us.

For the next week, my main task will be the application again. I hope to be more efficient.

Have a good week,

Benoît for BreathUp

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