BreathUp week 9!

Tonight, it will only be: Bonjour !

This week, I continued working on the PCB, I quite finished it yet, I did a total new placing and I’m waiting for a new review of Alexis. Indeed, there were some problem with noise in my last work. Indeed the Lora part was too close from the Analog to Digital Converter part so I decided to take its away each other.

Thus concerning algorithms, on Friday, we had quite an important meeting with E-respi about processing signal part because they were supposed to give us all algorithm but they didn’t and I was in charge to do new ones. However, as this is not my job and it was not supposed to be like that, on Friday, we came to an agreement that they have to provide us what we need ! And today, they sent it to us, unfortunately, I spent two hours at least, trying to implement it and make it work. But I was forced to send them back an email to ask them to work on it.

Eventually, I’m also supposed to implement our matlab algorithms in C. I decided to use the CMSIS/DSP library and more precisely some IIR filters (biquad direct form 2), so I began to calculate the different coefficients of our filters. I chose some Butterworth filters because its are able to have a constant gain in the bandpass and that’s pretty necessary for our signals.


For the next week, I will continue on the same topic !


Benjamin for BreathUp

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