Makahiya – placement, routing and sound

Hi everybody,

As said in my last post, we worked on the PCB, on the sound and on the server. But contrary to what was said, it’s Tanguy who worked on the server and I worked on the PCB. On Friday, I made some minor changes on the placement and then I asked for a review from Alexis. He helped us to improve the placement and validated most of the choices we’ve made. After having applied his suggestions, I started to route the PCB. It should have taken no more than 30 minutes but I spent more than 3 hours and it’s still not finished… I hope that it doesn’t hide a bigger problem in our PCB.

I also talked with Samuel about my problems with the sound and he suggested me to use mailboxes. On Friday evening, I implemented this idea and now I have another problem: I can hear the music but also many other things… I have to investigate to see where this problem comes from (it’s related with what I send to the codec I think, so I’ll have a look on this aspect first).

For next week, I will continue to work on the audio and on the PCB. And maybe on the server also. My objective is that the PCB is ready before Wednesday and that the sound and the server work fine before the end of the week.

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