Makahiya, Week 9


I initially thought that I would finish the PCB this week, but Sylvain was tired of working on the audio codec and so he wanted to do something else.

So instead, I worked on the server. I began with finishing the tutorial for the pyramid framework. Then I implemented one part of the API : there is a database containing the values for the LEDs and it is possible to update this values with a POST request. I also wrote unitary tests to check if the request contains valid data.

Finally, I set up the continuous integration for the new server branch with gitlab-ci. The current version works but I had to put the build and the tests in the same script, otherwise the tests fail because pytest is not found although it is installed during the build, this is quite strange.

Next week is the FH week, so I will have classes every day on the morning and on the afternoon, which doesn’t leaves a lot of time for ROSE. If I can, I will add other things to the server.


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