SwARM, black magic with antennas

Hi everyone,

this week I kept on working on the Decawave. Now that the modules stopped getting hot, I ported the “robot” part on STM32 so now the entire setup is closer to our final goal. I did several distance measurements with Perceval and so result weren’t so good … until Perceval had the idea the use the modules vertically instead of horizontally. The measurements became suddenly much more accurate and predictable, even if I couldn’t find anywhere in the documentation that it is necessary to do so. As a result we modified our PCB as the Decawave is not soldered directly on it anymore, but goes out of the robot like a cute little tail :


During the WE I worked on trying to make the measurements less time consuming, as for now we’re getting clean results with a moving average of 10 value, but it will be useless if the robots are moving so I have to find a way to do a lot of measurements in a short period of time. I will also work on the protocole, to be able later to triangulate the position.


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