SwARM: Celebration

Hey guys!

This week was rather full of surprises 🙂 With the new tests that were driven by Arnaud and Perceval we know that the Decawave modules have to be in a vertical position in order for us to have a maximum precision on the location of the robots. So we decided to take the DWMs off the board and we added a MCM8 connector to connect it with cable to the board.

Alexis also helped me with the switched mode power supplies’ placement on friday and since then I can say that all the components are placed and I have begun routing them. I wanted to have finished it by this evening but I went to the graduation ceremony of my older brother so I only had time to make a small commit yesterday morning, and because of it I had to speed up all the preparations of my trip 😉

This next week I will only have FH classes so there should be plenty of time to complete routing 🙂

I wish you a nice week


Paul Guerin

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