BreathUp, Android Application Work In Progress

Hi everyone,

As I found some bugs in the application, I decided to make time in order to clean my code and check it to delete all bugs I could find.

Like my own smart-phone has a problem with the touch screen, Alexis lent me a new smart-phone: a Motorola G4. However, when I use this device, I can’t detect new devices which do not pair with the Motorola G4. So, I spent time to understand why but it was a fail. Whereas, with a Samsung S3, my application works. I am going to investigate.

Therefore, now I need to test my code with different devices to understood what does not work. I had to create a connexion and send/receive datas to test I can manage a connexion. After that, I will make a TCP request to transfer  bluetooth datas to the server.

Have a good week,


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