BreathUp: some progress on the LoRa part


My main tasks of the week are LoRa and the webapp.

I started the week on the webapp. I added some Ajax, Jquery and Jinja2 technologies to improve our website. It used to has an API. It now also has some web pages, with forms and buttons.

I added some HTML with Jinja renderer but they are horrible… I will need to put some Bootstrap on it, but clearly that’s not our top priority…

On the LoRa part, I made some test, and that didn’t work at the first try. I spend the whole Tuesday trying to find why the MISO signal was not responding anything. Finally Alexis gave me the answer that was in the datasheet (I really need to start reading them). In fact I was releasing the SPI bus by raising the NSS signal between each frame of 8 bits. And in the datasheet it’s clearly said that the NSS signal is used as an interrupt by the chip, and between each interrupt we need one frame of address and one frame of data.

Today, I made new tests, the chip tells me that is trying to joined the network, but never send me the confirmation that he has. I’ve some ideas about what might be the issue and I will therefore investigate on it during the end of the week.

I also found the snaps to connect our cable to the electrodes. I will then test how we can use them as connectors. We need to know if they don’t introduce to much noise and if we can solder them to the coaxial cable in a resistant way.

Have a nice end of the week,
Xavier Chapron

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