BreathUp : mainly routing and LoRa

Once again, I worked on several topics, and therefore I didn’t take the time to finish the LoRa part. Here is what I’ve done:
  • I tested the connectors I found and they will be good enough.
  • I exchanged some pin connections on the schematic to make it easier to route.
  • I did the routing.
  • I worked on LoRa and on LMIC, but that’s still not finished. At the end of Friday, I discovered with Samuel that LMIC use interrupts in an non-orthodox way… They are making spi calls during them. So I need to implement something based on multi-threads, semaphores and mutex to handle this properly…

For next week, I want to finish the LoRa part and as the PCB will be sent to the printer, we will know when he will be sent back to us. Therefore we will work on a new schedule of the tasks to be ready for the final presentation, and that is going to be quite tight…

See you on Wednesday,

Xavier Chapron

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