SwARM, creating a radio protocol

Hi everyone,

This week Alexis (one of our teachers) checked with antenna professionals and we learned the Decawave modules will work better if they have a ground plane near them. It should improve the range. So our robot will have a second PCB, mounted vertically and holding the radio module only. I quickly modified the CAD model to accommodate the changes :


The main board is shown as the large green plane and the second PCB is shown in yellow is the back of the robot. To save money, we plan the manufacture the second board with the school’s CNC, that way it will cost less but we can route only on one side to make the whole process easier.

I spent most of my time thinking and starting to implement the radio protocol. Not much to say about that, its just code, code and code.

Next week I’ll continue implementing the protocole. I’ll try to write some documentation about it too.


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