BreathUp half-week 11 !

Anyoung haseyo !

This week, I’m back in the game ! Indeed, I started to work anew on our project !

I made two different things: first, Alexis asked us to look at distributor code for our PCB and to update them for resistors and capacitors. Xavier did it but I was in charged of verifying his work ! So did I this morning !

Then my only current task is to port our matlab algorithms into C code ! As I already chose the CMSIS/DSP library for our embedded system but I had to do some reducing complexity. Our algorithms were made with some finite impulse response filters with five hundred orders, so I implemented its with infinite impulse response filters. I decided to use butterworth filters for their stability in the bandpass, so I made a new algorithm on Matlab to see if the new output was right for what we need ! Of course, I made some modifications but it seems to be quite satisfactory right now ! Thus, our filters have orders included between twenty and one hundred twenty five (only for one filter!) and thanks to Matlab, I reached to calculate the filter coefficients.

As a consequence, by the end of the week, I now have to write the C code corresponding to our filters and to test them on our data base !


Stay tuned !


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