BreathUp : PCB and LoRa on the way!


Here is what I did during the beginning of the week:

  • I worked on the BOM, because the library is quite outdated and therefore I needed to find real reference for each one of the 166 components of our PCB.  That was a really boring task and as we can’t afford any error, I had to ask Benjamin for a check, then check again… And we found errors…
  • I worked on the server, eventually, we are hosted by Scaleway because Heroku was too restrictfull for our project. As I changed the server from Heroku to Scaleway, Samuel tested it, and discovered some unexpected comportment that weren’t happening on my computer… But I fixed them! Damned JS…
  • I worked a lot on LoRa, and still have an unresolved issue. The main chip register seems to change by itself, without any reason and obviously that’s not expected… As even with the help of Alexis and Samuel we didn’t find any solution, I will from now on work on an other module based on a real sx1272 and not on a Chinese one… I hope to obtain better results!

Eventually, for the end of the week, I really want to be able to send as many messages I want with LoRa. And If I have some time remaining, I will characterize the discharge of our battery.

Have a nice end of the week,

Xavier Chapron

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