BreathUp, Some advancements


Since Sunday, I have made some progresses about the Android Application. Indeed, after spent lots of time to understand why the application could not discover remote devices with smartphones which used Marshmallow version and later. The problem was, in addition to the permissions about Bluetooth, to use Bluetooth connexion, I had to add the “Access Coarse Location” permission.

After that issue was solved, I progressed step by step to make a connexion between two devices. I began to set up a communication between a client which used the Android application and another device which used native Bluetooth Service.

However, that not allow me to manage data which was exchanged by the devices. Therefore, I implemented a Bluetooth server in order to watch if the client received data from the server and if it could send data. Now, the server accepts a connexion but my implementation to send and receive data does not work. I need to review how Inputstream and OutputStrean work. ( I am going to do this evening).

I think, during the next part of the week, I could finish with the Bluetooth and begin to send request to the server which made by Xavier. (If I will not be blocked by an other problem 🙂 ).

Have a good week.

Benoît for BreathUp.

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