SWARM: where is my mind?

Dear followers,

The PCB is in the hands of Alexis, he is currently working on the placing and routing 🙂 we have already talked about placing an order and I think that I will receive a robot prototype for Christmas ^^

I have worked on the coding wheels and I am writing a first draft for testing. It is taking some time because after one month of ExpeditionPCB I lost my ChibiOS habits ^^ there should be a first commit soon!

I will keep working on both these tasks this week 🙂



Good news too, I organized a feast for both ROSE2017 participants! It should take place next Monday in a restaurant nearby. We need seal our friendship with beer and pizza!

PAULGWF, already in the bed, had to turn my cellphone on again for the logbook post 🙂



Paul Guerin

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