BreathUp week 11!

Assalomu alaykum!

Over the week-end, I was supposed to end with the algorithm part but I think it was a little bit aspiring. However, I ended with the C implementation of our algorithms. I succeed in compiling my code and test run well but the result isn’t the one expected… Indeed, the filter didn’t do what it ‘s designed for, the output isn’t converging… There are two possible reasons : the first one, the coefficients of my filter are not the same as the one on Matlab and the second one my implementation isn’t the good one. I’m considering the two solutions and I’m trying to test its ! I also asked a signal processing teacher from Telecom but I’m waiting for his answers.

I will keep going on this week, I hope I will end it before the half-week !

Stay tuned !


Benjamin 😉

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