Makahiya – Wi-Fi module

Hi everybody,

As said in my previous post, I’ve worked on the Wi-Fi module. And it works very well. Using the module itself was much easier than expected. I just have to send commands to it on a serial connection to make it works. And it’s very easy to show a nice user interface to select the proper Wi-Fi network to connect to because it’s already provided by the OS embedded in the module.
I had more problems to configure the UART bus on the development board, even though it seems a very simple task. Most of the problems were quite stupid. For instance, on the Olimex E407 board, the pin number 8 on the Port D connector doesn’t correspond to GPIOD8 !! Because pins 1 and  2 are Vcc and GND. Once you discover it, you realize that you’ve spent the last hour working for nothing, really.
But now, everything works fine: I’m able to connect to my Wi-Fi network, to read web pages and to use the API of our server to update the database.

Now, I’ll continue to work with the Wi-Fi module and try to make it connect to the websockets Tanguy has created on our server.

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