SwARM: A little push

Hey guys!

This week was very productive I think because I made some real progress on the code that will control the wheels 🙂 We are now able to get the speed of the robots thanks to the coding wheels! I tested my code with a simple setup, Arnaud created a simple comparator which he solded to a STM32P407 board and we connected a motor with the embedded coding wheels to it too. Then with an adequate power supply I tested the code and verified the results that were printed out by filming the rotation of the wheel and calculating by myself its speed. Well we did not use the videos because Samuel suggested to record the sound of the wheel to which we would previously have added a piece of metal that would hit the table each time it would rotate… Tomorrow I will take a picture of my setup to add it to my next post so that it is understandable 🙂

Alexis is still working on the PCB and he made some changes on the placement of connectors on the PCB. We did just participate to his work by approving his changes.

So again this week I will keep an eye on the PCB and work hard on the code that will control the moves of the robots 🙂

Have a nice week 🙂


Paul Guerin

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