BreathUp: a lot of minor things take a lot of time!


I feel as I didn’t do so much during the start of the week, even if I spent a lot of time on the project. I’m guessing that this is because I’ve not dedicated my time to one task, but I’ve done different tasks such as:

  • Cleaning the code for LoRa.
  • Testing ACK and OTAA, but without success. As we are moving from TTN network to Obgenious’. Then I will work on this when we will have received the IDs we need.
  • Cleaning a bit our git repository.
  • Configuring a systemd service for our server.
  • Creating a method to get the battery voltage and characterizing its discharge.
  • Spending some time to understand how AES128 works and how it is implemented in LMIC. But I’m not done with this, and will therefore still work on it during the end of the week.
  • Discussing with Alexandre about how we should interface the STM32, the BT module, the android app and the server… That was really exhausting, but we managed to find an agreement.

Eventually for the end of the week, I might take over from Benjamin on the qualification of the signals and I will work on the cryptographic part until we have a secure way to exchange datas between the devices and the server.

Have a nice end of the week,

Xavier Chapron

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