BreathUp, Bluetooth exchanges

Hi everybody,

Monday with Alexandre, we worked together to test our works and know if the app could exchange data with the Bluetooth module. That was conclusive. After that, the steps was the thought about the communication between the device and the server. There were debates with Alexandre and Xavier about that and its security. Thanks to that, we have established a “protocol” between the different elements. Therefore, I  have begun its implementation for the app. Therefore, I will continue to work on during the end of the week.

Simultaneously, I also worked on sending http requests to the server and giving back the answer. To do that, Xavier explained me how generate valid encrypt messages with a python script. I also continued to develop the Bluetooth server to be able to do tests and work alone. I took some times in order to clean the code, remove bugs and add commentaries.

This week, PaulGWF organized “Rose Events”. He put forward us to do a secret Santa and a dinner together. Those were good moments together and cool. So, thank you PaulGWF and others.

Benoît for BreathUp.

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