Makahiya – Wi-Fi

Hi everybody,

During this first part of the week, I worked on the Wi-Fi module. Unfortunately, I didn’t managed to reach my goal, which was to play music streamed from the server on the development board.
However, I did some things. Command return codes are now properly handled by the program and it’s much easier to communicate with the Wi-Fi module through the development board. For the music, I’m able to receive the data (some data in fact, I have to check if there are differences between data received and the actual content of the audio file). The first problem (which I think will be solved automatically when I would find a solution to make the music player work) is that when I just tried to download the music, I receive a continuous stream of data, without end (at least not in 5 minutes of downloading, for a music that last about 4 minutes…). Second problem is that when I start to decode the input stream (from mp3 to pcm), it stops downloading the rest of the file, whereas these actions are performed in 2 separate threads.

The second part of this week will thus be dedicated (for me) to look for the origin of these problems. And we should also add some automatic tests (at least check that the code compiles) for the Continuous Integration. This will be done after the Wi-Fi/music problem is solved, so probably during the holidays.

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