BreathUp: qualification and tests


Contrary to what I said in my last post, I didn’t work on AES during the end of the week.

First, I worked on the qualification of the breathing and heart signals. Because after having them filtered, we need to count the breathing cycles and heart beats. Therefore I created a C script that works pretty well with good signals. I still need to test it on our database, but as the majority of our datas were acquired with different configurations, this might not be as relevant as I want it to be.

Then I worked on the tests, and they are now running on each commit after they are pushed. Configuring the docker to create a postgresql database for our server wasn’t an easy thing to do but it has been done!

During the start of the week, I will continue my work on testing the qualification of the signals and I might work on the front end of the server.

Have a nice week,

Xavier Chapron

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