Makahiya, Week 12


Since last time, I continued to work with the server. It was possible to upload a file but apparently not to download it, I had to add a view for this (it looks like static files don’t need a view but non static files do). I also wrote a basic client to communicate with the server. I ended up using the websocket-client library and I was able to listen and write to the server at the same time. But while I was testing this, I saw that the sockets would close with no apparent reason. I tried to solve this problem but I didn’t manage to do it yet. Maybe it is some kind of timeout if the communication stays idle but I’m not sure. But the problem seems to come from the server’s side (so not on the client’s)

During the holidays, I will try to investigate it and I will also begin to work with our Bluetooth module. But I will not always have an internet connection which could be a problem.


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