Makahiya – Wi-Fi and music

Guten tag von Munich,

On Thursday and Friday, I spent almost all my time working on the Wi-Fi module, trying to understand why I wasn’t able to play music received from the network (and even not able to properly download it completely). On Friday evening, Samuel entirely reviewed the related code with me and helped me correct several mistakes, mainly in the code of the audio part. And it was the right thing to do because now, it works much better: I can receive music (at least the beginning) and play it.

The sound is still not perfect so I have to understand where this problem comes from, but I’m quite confident I will find a way to solve it in the next few days (when I’ll be back to Paris). In fact, I didn’t check the code related to the audio part because I assumed it to be correct as it worked when I transmitted the music on the serial line. But it wasn’t…

So the morality is: if you have something that doesn’t work as it should, review all the code related to it, even the parts that you trust, because you can find there mistakes that previous tests didn’t found.

During the next few days, I’ll try to solve the 2 remaining problems: I can’t download the whole music (downloading abruptly stops at a certain point, that doesn’t seem always the same) and the sound is quite bad (probably due to a lack of data at certain moments, if the download or the exchange between the Wi-Fi module and the micro-processor is too slow).

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