SwARM: Motors

Hi Guys!

This second part of the week was also quite challenging because in order to be able to work on how to control the robots’ movements we had to build a moving basis with two motors with embedded coding wheels and a P407 board.
The last three days I spent writting some code to control them, I started with the basics: getting coding wheel feedback, deciding of the rotation direction, controlling the power going to them with PWMs, etc…

Already there seems to be some problems getting the feedback of the coding wheels at maximum power. Maybe the MCU can’t handle that much interruptions and calculations. I will dig into this later this week by capturing overflow interruptions on the coding wheels’ feedback.

Here are some nice pictures of the setup, I have taken off the wheels so that the robot does not strip all the cables from the computer on startup. I also don’t want my cat to think of it as its Christmas high-tech toy 😀

Alexis has nearly finished working on our PCB so we now have to check it and sign with our blood that we assume full responsibility if it doesn’t work 🙂

Wish you all nice holidays and a nice week

PS: As you can see there is a LiPo battery on the robot to power the motor, this has grown into a nightmare because I am scared that it could start a fire as it did in Alexis’ office…

Paul Guerin

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