Makahiya – Wi-Fi and music (again)

Hi everybody,

Yesterday and today, I worked on the Wi-Fi connection and more precisely on downloading a music from the server. As said in my last post, I had some problems of rate. And they are more complex to solve than expected. I was becoming crazy yesterday afternoon, because despite all my efforts and all the improvements I could do, there were still problems. Thus, I decided to make a break and not to touch this part again before at least one week.

But Samuel answered to a question I’d asked on the mailing list, suggesting me to measure the time spent on the blocking functions. As it was quite easy to do, I decided to do it this morning, just to see. And, due to some magical effect, the download of the music worked quite well. So I regained courage and made some cleaning on my code. The sound is not perfect, but now the music is received until the end in most cases, and the error management system doest its work pretty well.

I won’t continue to improve it now as it’s enough for the moment. So this afternoon, I had a look to the websockets implemented by Tanguy on the server, to see how it works. During the second part of this week, I will either work on implementing the connection to the websockets on the board and the reception of commands or start to implement the driver to control the capacitive touch sensors, I don’t know yet. My objective is that these 2 things are finished by the end of the holidays. It’s quite ambitious because I won’t have so many time to work, but that’s my target.

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