BreathUp: Website and Qualification


During this week, I worked, as planned, on the website and on the qualification.

Concerning the website, I create some more views and bootstrap them. Therefore it’s not just an API anymore, one can administrate and visualize the status of every devices with just a few clicks on their browser.

Regarding the signal’s qualification, I had implemented last week a first draft of algorithms to localize and count the breathing cycles and heart beats. I improved and cleaned them a lot. One of the major improvement is that they now run on the fly.

In order to test theses algorithms, I wrote some Pythons scripts that plot on figures the original ECG and EMG with the detections and they clearly match.

I’ve therefore wrote an email to our partners to inform them of our progress and to ask them what data do they really want to see in real time on the website and that we should therefore acquire and send via Bluetooth or LoRa.

Eventually, as we will only be able to work on the PCB at the beginning of year, I will spend some time on how LMIC uses AES.

I wish you a merry Christmas.

Xavier Chapron

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