Makahiya – websockets & I2C

Merry Christmas to everybody,

I hope that each of you can enjoy a wonderful day with his/her family or his/her friends, and that Christmas father has been kind with you.

Just a few words on what I’ve done since last Wednesday. I spent some times working on connecting my Wi-Fi module with the websockets that run on our server. I managed to have first results: connection is established and I can send messages. As I don’t have access to the server and Tanguy doesn’t have Internet access, I can’t have any information on what is received by the server, thus debugging is quite difficult. So next steps will wait a bit.

I also had a look to the I2C driver, in order to talk to the capacitive sensor. I’m able to start a exchange but I don’t receive any ACK from the slave. As I don’t have pull-up resistors, it can be the origin of the problems (the internal pull-ups are said to be too weak). I will add pull-up resistors next week, once returned to Paris, and make new tests with them.

The 2 targets are thus in pause, and I don’t have more to say for now.

My goal hasn’t changed: having both Wi-Fi and capacitive sensors working by the end of the holidays.

Merry Christmas

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