Makahiya – IFTTT & I2C

Hi everybody,

Just few words to write down what I’ve done since last Sunday. First, I had a look on the ways to interact with our flower. At the beginning, we envisaged to connect it with IFTTT. So I had a deeper look on how to do it and discovered that we have to pay 199$ to do it. For no more than 2 weeks and without any guarantees on the use because it’s possible that we won’t have time to do the connection, I think that for now, we can put this solution aside. So I propose 2 interfaces: a web page and an Android app. These 2 interfaces are quite simple to implement. And if finally, we have time, it won’t be too late to connect our plants with IFTTT.

Then, I worked a little on I2C communication with the capacitive sensors. Some tests allowed me to rule out the device address as the origin of the communication problem. Indeed, the sensor doesn’t respond to any message sent by my own code whereas it properly responds to messages sent by the demo program. And for now, I can’t see any differences… Pull-up resistors also doesn’t seem to be the origin because the bus behaves properly. Obviously, there is at least one difference between the demo board and my own arrangement, still hidden unfortunately. So more work is required.

During the end of the week, I will work a little on the I2C communication.

Next post will be next year, so enjoy the end of 2016 🙂

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