BreathUp, ADC again..

Very quickly I found out, when I try to do acquisition, that I didn’t fixed the ads config properly (spa issue I think). I think many problem I identified come from this. So now the goal is to correct that very quickly.

Good Night

BreathUp, ADS done!

Tonight, I’ll be brief in this post. I finished the ads driver. What’s more I find out the way to save time on the exchange with the spirit protocol. I’m very happy of that. What’s more I settle a fifo for the exchange which can be configure very easily for the test. Th email goal is finish the integration this week, and start to start the video.

Good night 🙂

BreatUp, drivers:wip

Hi erveryone,

Tonight I’ll be quick. Concerning the bluetooth It is almost there. I succed having a functionnal driver on a card, but the same driver doesn’t work on all the pcb. I know it is weird. Having a glance on the UART signal, it might be a framming error… well I’ll try to find the problem tomorow, to focus on the ads.

Concerning the ads, thanks to the saleae debug, I can see that I senf correct thing throw the spi. I also onserve the test card of the ads, and I have the impress that I send pretty much the same signal… hopefully, I think I will be fast when I will find the issue to finish the ads driver.

Have a good night.


BreathUp, ADS driver here we go!

Recently I’ve been working on the flash, and the bluetooth integration. I have almost finish, however our PCB is now available thanks to Sam. I wanted to finish the previous job, but all the group and Alexis has insisted for me to check if the ads. The reason is that I-respi has accepted to produce two new card, which is supposed to correct the current hardware flaws.
That is it for now, I have to write a driver now!;)

BreathUp, next step flash and ADC

On Friday we had few issues with the pcb, so I improved with Benoit the bluetooth. I think my part is ok now, and ready to be use. However I need to access the flash to save the bluetooth flag even when the pcb is of. This is my next goal.
Also Xavier just tell me he fixed one issue of the pcb, so I think I may start to work on it tomorow.


BreathUp, happy new year!

Hello everyone,

I wish you all the best for 2017! For BreathUp it is the final countdown… so what I did during the begining of the week is seting up the rng (random number generator) to  set the bluetooth pincode. I also set up with Xavier the source code basis for our pcb like choose the right board, put the right informations.

Concerning the pcb, I heard that they just arrived, and at the the same time I heard that one of the four pcb has just burn. Hope it would be the last one.

For the end of the week my goal is to correct the source code I did with Xavier when the pcb will be repaired. The second goal is to start writing the ads driver, indeed like I spent a lot of time on it during the first part of the project,   me and the guy has decided that I would be in charge of it.

Hope we won’t have to call the firemennad !(private joke for Alexis)

BreathUp, bluetooth interface defined!

Yesterday Week-end defined with the group the way the bluetooth should work, and I started implemented I. So for the moment I implement everything, and when I will be ready I’ll start to try connexion with Benoit. However I think I won’t have the time to do it before the holidays.

Otherwise, I have to carry of the mcuconf.h for our pcb. But after my exchange with Alexis, I think it won’t take me so much time.

Have a good night. Alex

BreathUp, step one bluetooth: OK

It took time, but after solving all the issues I told you about in my last post, I have finally succeeded in establishing a bluetooth connection.

The goal I have for this week is to set up the interface with Benoit application. I hope it will be done by the end of the week.

The second and last goal I have is to choose the correct properties for the bluetooth connection like the baud rate…

Both goals are pretty linked, and it would be great to have it done when the pcb will arrive.

See you on wednesday

BreathUp, bluetooth is on the way…

On Monday, I finally understand that the bluetooth module was welded in the bad pins… It took me pretty much time to understand this. Then I changed the weld and it start to almost work pretty well. When I say it work, I mean the uart connection with the module.
The last bug was due to the fact my code include didn’t really deal with waiting queue. Hopefully Sam explained me I should use the serial driver and not the art driver which is much more complete.
That’s all for today.

Have a good night.

BreathUp, nothing to declare!

Like I said previously it was FH week so I didn’t work a lot on bluetooth, but don’t worry I get back to work on tomorrow.

Good evening