BreathUp Final week

Namaste !

This week, I worked a lot on the final presentation and mainly on the slides ! I also fixed some bugs on our code.


Stay tuned guys !

Benjamin for BreathUp

BreathUp Final Countdown !

Hi !

This is the last week, and today we had our last deadline project. It was quite a calm end of the week eventually.

Indeed we are integrating our whole code for two weeks. But the last half-week we made our last updates.

I worked on new filters according to what the processing signal teacher told me on Wednesday. I made new filters for computer processing and I made optimisations on the embedded code.

Then, I worked on cleaning our projet: avoid the “Franglais” and optimised what can be optimised. I also did the merge of our first version on master!

So next week, we will prepare Friday show !

Stay tuned 😉

Benjamin for BreathUp

BreathUp half-week 17!


This beginning was quite unproductive… We did a lot of acquisitions on Monday morning as we were with Laurent. We succeeded in finding good settings for the ADS1298 but with mixed results. There were a lot of reasons: first there weren’t any EMG information before Monday but now the EMG is hidden behind ECG and artefacts. I modified our filtering part to eliminate these artefacts.

As I wasn’t sure about what I did and about what I was tryiing to eliminate, I asked one of signal processing teachers of Telecom. The artefacts are due to electric problems, with Alexandre and Xavier, we knew it but we are note sure about the reason : we think this is due to a lake of electric supply.

We will keep investigating on it while trying to upgrade our acquisition and qualification.

Stay tuned !

Benjamin 😉

BreathUp week 16 !

Akwaba !

This week, I worked on integrating the acquisition part, I made the acquisition routine with the sd card, the ads and the IMU. My work isn’t finished yet but I will do as soon as the acquisition will be reliable. Indeed this is,by far, the most important point. On Thursday, Alexandre made a new configuration of the ADS and it permited it us to acquire some signals that make us think about ECG and EMG. On Friday, we did a lot of acquisition and we processed its. As far as I’m concern, I made some script to help analyzing the different acquisition and we saw that there isn’t any breathing signals in what we acquired even if there are a lot of heart information !


So by the end of the next week, I will keep working on acquisition with Alexandre, I will end with acquisition routine and I will clean our code !


Stay tuned for the last week !

Benjamin 😉




PS: on the left, you can see the ECG and on the right the breathing EMG (for the moment nothing…)

BeathUp half-week 16!

Akwaba !

Hi everyone, this is a soft week for breathup, indeed alexandre is a little bit stucked on the ads driver so we must wait until he make it work.

Most of our job is yet integrated and work fine on our PCB like the LoRa, the bluetooth, the sd card, the FatFS, the filters, the qualification, the RTC and the IMU. Thus we need to fix little details like the coding colors of our leds, and how to use our buzzer but Benoit already implements something. After that and with the ads working, our project will be over !

During the beginning of the week, I helped Alexandre fixing some bugs on the ads driver but now I can’t help him anymore because I never read the ads datasheet and he will waste too much time explaining me. Thus, I’m cleaning out our code and I’m writing our integrated final code for acquisition routine.

Hope, we will soon acquire something ! Stay tuned !


Benjamin for BreathUp

BreathUp week 15 !

Alo !

Such important improvements this week, I resolved my writing problem ! In fact there were not any problems at all, I was writing but It just took so much time… So I decided to reduce the number of writing and increase the length of what was writing. It speeded up the task from 10 minutes down to 30 seconds.

Thus, I ended with implementing the filters on our PCB, it worked fine ! I tested it and compared with what we obtained on the computer: exactly the same. I didn’t try to determine filters speed, but it was enough faster to appear immediate. But this tests need to be perform so I will try to do it during the next ultimate week.

After that,  I decided to integrate the whole code and with Xavier, we realized that both LoRa and SD card couldn’t work at the same time, we supposed that it was because of some DMA’s channel… So that Xavier and Samuel wrote a new SPI driver without DMA and now LoRa and SD card can both worked together again !

I also integrated, with Xavier, his job on qualification, we tested it and we had the same results as on the computer too.

Eventually, I worked with Xavier to weld our electrode connectors and we helped Alexandre to merge his work on the ADC with what we have done recently. We performed some tests: we are able to read the ADC output but we can’t read as fast as the ADC write and also, we don’t manage well the data. We always read zeros.. So we have one week to deal with that and to fix some details: it seems that the project will be done soon!

Stay tuned during the last week !
Benjamin for BreathUp 😉

BreathUp half-week 15 !

God kveld !

During the beginning of the week I was supposed to work on the filtering integration with sd card and with the qualifying part on our board.

But on monday, I realized that I wasn’t able to write correctly on the card. Having some issues with buffers, eventually, it was a problem of variable allocation that was on the stack and not on the heap. I’m still a little bit confused about the reason which isn’t really clear ! But it’s working, so I cleaned a lot my sd code and made the interface with the filtering part. I tested it but I faced new problems, indeed, I succeeded in writing the first 5800 filtering results but after that it seemed it bugged, yet, I didn’t catch any error and when I stopped the running session, the processors was in the idle thread like if there wasn’t any problems…

So I’m still working on it !

Stay tuned!


benjamin for BreathUp 😉

BreathUp week 14 !

Moro !

This week, I keep working on the SD card and the file system (FatFS) and it ran quite well on the stm32E407 so on Friday, I decided to switch on our own board.
Unfortunately after integrated my code, I had the same problem with the SD card as on the STM32P407 board, that is to say, I wasn’t able to communicate with the card… Eventually, after comparing our board and E407 board, I find that our schematic wasn’t the same concerning the SD card. That is to say, on the E407, there are some hardware pull up on the SDIO ports that we didn’t have on our board, so I had to activate the interne pull up and after that it all worked fine !

So now, I’m integrating all our stuff on the filtering chain: that is to say the filtering and the qualifying parts ! I made some progress but I still didn’t test it yet. So this is what I must do until the end of the half-week.

Stay tuned !



BreathUp half-week 14!

Magandang gabi!

Eventually, I found how to implement the SDC driver ! In reality, I didn’t find where was the problem with my stm32fP407 board, but with quite the same code on the stm32E407, it worked.. I succeeded in writing on the card, reading and I compared what I wrote and what I read ! If I have some more time after the project, I will try to figure out what’s the problem with the stm32P407.
Now, up to the end of the week, I will implement the folder management (FatFS) !

Stay tuned !

Benjamin for BreathUp !

BreathUp week 13!

Hallo !

During the end of the week, I keep working on the SD card driver. It still doesn’t work but I made some progress! In fact, my sd card is recognized as an MMC one so that, the connection isn’t possible. I do not know why I have this behaviour… During a long time, I thought it was because of my SDIO initialisation but after checking it like 10 times, I’m quite convinced it’s right.

Afterwards, we met other problems with our PCB indeed, when we tried to flash for the first time our board, the outer oscillator didn’t start up… which is really problematical because without it we can’t use our usb to debug… But we will try to find another way !

Finally, on Friday, I worked on the qualifying part again, changing our filters to reduce the analog to digital converter rate from 2000Hz to 1000Hz. But after some tests, it seemed that it degraded too much the signal quality after algorithm. Eventually, we will keep the 2000Hz frequency.


For the next week, I hope I will end with this SD card driver and begin to work on folder management.


Stay tuned ! 😉


Benjamin for BreathUp