BreathUp week 13!

Buenas Noches !

We are back at school up to the end of january ! We had the honour to receive our PCB today but also the disappointment that they are not working ! Indeed, after some soldered joints, one of our PCB, when my mate tried its, overheated and it may be unusuable anymore. But they find the problem, it seems to be due to some errors of imprint that can be repaired on others !

Concerning my work, I’m a little bit stucked on ChibiOS SD card driver (SDC), indeed, when I’m trying to connect my SD card from my evaluation board, the connection failed… After a long moment of seeking, I found out that I may have an error in my board.h. I modified it taking into account one of ChibiOS example, but I still got the same result. I will work on it again and try to figure out what happens.


Stay tuned and I almost forgot, Happy New Year !

Benjamin 😉

BreathUp half-week 12!

Ni hao !

As expected, I ended with the C implementation of our algorithms. I suceeded in reducing our filters orders from five hundred to forty and also to convert its into infinite impulse response filters. It works fine !

Now I must implement the classification part. But, first, we want to know the battery life time with our algorithms so I’m first working on the SD driver and the folder management of ChibiOS. Indeed, as we don’t have our PCB and the ADC yet, we have to put our database on a SD card in order to test the filters on it!

I’m not sure to have enough time to work on it before the return from holidays. So it’s certainly my last post before a long time, if someone reads me, I swear you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Goodbye !



BreathUp week 11!

Assalomu alaykum!

Over the week-end, I was supposed to end with the algorithm part but I think it was a little bit aspiring. However, I ended with the C implementation of our algorithms. I succeed in compiling my code and test run well but the result isn’t the one expected… Indeed, the filter didn’t do what it ‘s designed for, the output isn’t converging… There are two possible reasons : the first one, the coefficients of my filter are not the same as the one on Matlab and the second one my implementation isn’t the good one. I’m considering the two solutions and I’m trying to test its ! I also asked a signal processing teacher from Telecom but I’m waiting for his answers.

I will keep going on this week, I hope I will end it before the half-week !

Stay tuned !


Benjamin 😉

BreathUp half-week 11 !

Anyoung haseyo !

This week, I’m back in the game ! Indeed, I started to work anew on our project !

I made two different things: first, Alexis asked us to look at distributor code for our PCB and to update them for resistors and capacitors. Xavier did it but I was in charged of verifying his work ! So did I this morning !

Then my only current task is to port our matlab algorithms into C code ! As I already chose the CMSIS/DSP library for our embedded system but I had to do some reducing complexity. Our algorithms were made with some finite impulse response filters with five hundred orders, so I implemented its with infinite impulse response filters. I decided to use butterworth filters for their stability in the bandpass, so I made a new algorithm on Matlab to see if the new output was right for what we need ! Of course, I made some modifications but it seems to be quite satisfactory right now ! Thus, our filters have orders included between twenty and one hundred twenty five (only for one filter!) and thanks to Matlab, I reached to calculate the filter coefficients.

As a consequence, by the end of the week, I now have to write the C code corresponding to our filters and to test them on our data base !


Stay tuned !


BreathUp week 10!

Кеш жарық!

As expected, I didn’t have time to work a lot on the project due to FH week. As I said it in my previous post, I asked Xavier earlier this week to end with the routing and with Alexis’s help they made the last modifications, so it will soon be over with the PCB and it seems we will receive it by the end of the year !

So the next week will be a new one and I’m going to work again (a lot) on the project, especially on the algorithms !

Stay tuned

Benjamin !

BreathUp half-week 10!

Hi everyone !

This week due to “Formation humaine” classes and the private lessons I give to found my studies, I didn’t have time to work a lot on our project 🙁

But during the beginning of the week, I began the routing (almost nothing to be honnest). I hope I will have more time to work on it…

Stay tuned !


BreathUp week 9!

Tonight, it will only be: Bonjour !

This week, I continued working on the PCB, I quite finished it yet, I did a total new placing and I’m waiting for a new review of Alexis. Indeed, there were some problem with noise in my last work. Indeed the Lora part was too close from the Analog to Digital Converter part so I decided to take its away each other.

Thus concerning algorithms, on Friday, we had quite an important meeting with E-respi about processing signal part because they were supposed to give us all algorithm but they didn’t and I was in charge to do new ones. However, as this is not my job and it was not supposed to be like that, on Friday, we came to an agreement that they have to provide us what we need ! And today, they sent it to us, unfortunately, I spent two hours at least, trying to implement it and make it work. But I was forced to send them back an email to ask them to work on it.

Eventually, I’m also supposed to implement our matlab algorithms in C. I decided to use the CMSIS/DSP library and more precisely some IIR filters (biquad direct form 2), so I began to calculate the different coefficients of our filters. I chose some Butterworth filters because its are able to have a constant gain in the bandpass and that’s pretty necessary for our signals.


For the next week, I will continue on the same topic !


Benjamin for BreathUp

BreathUp half-week 9!

Sin chow !

A good beginning of the week ! So, on Monday, we had an oral presentation of our working progress of the last two months. It was quite important because it allows us to take stuck of the situation.

After that with Alexandre, we ended with acquiring a lot of curves to test my new algorithm in many different situations with different parameters. The filtering was strong enough to present our results to the firm and at this moment, their feedbacks were positive.


On the other hand, Alexis gave me a PCB review with some things to change: the battery connector wasn’t well placed and the analog supply power of our Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) was too close of the numeric supply power… I had to replace a lot of things to take away the numeric supply power. I ended it earlier this afternoon and I’m waiting a new review from Alexis.


Thus, this week, I will focus on our PCB and do the routing as soon as Alexis allows me. At the same time, I have an optimisation job to achieve on algorithms and to implement it in C.


Stay tuned, I will give you some news from now until Sunday.

Benjamin for BreathUp!

BreathUp week 8 !

Sabaïdi !

This end of week, I was pretty sick, it wasn’t the best thing for the job but I tried to rest a lot and today, I began to work again on the project!

We are already at the end of november and we still do not have our PCB up, but I ended with my placing and Alexis will tell me what to change tomorrow afternoon so it will be over soon, I hope so !


Concerning the algorithm, I spent my morning redefining all the filtering part, starting from scratch ! But this time, I think I have a solution strong enough to be showed to Laurent. Indeed, I tested it on some acquisitions that weren’t giving any results but with the new algorithm, I can see the breathing EMG even if the patient is touching some 50Hz! I want to test it more and after I will keep implementing it in C


Stay tuned and good evening again !

Benjamin for BreathUp

BreathUp half-week 8!


As I said it in my previous post my week will be divided into two different tasks: the first one is the placing and the routing of our PCB and the second one is a complete revision of our algorithm. So that, for the first part of the week, I did the entire placing ! In reality, I’m stucked because I need to place the Lora antenna and it power supply but in order to achieve this I need Alexis ‘s help who is quite busy right now so I must wait !

Thus for the second part of the week, I will work on algorithms !

Stay tuned !

Benjamin for BreathUp 😉