BreathUp, Presentation’s Preparation


This week is the last week and I spent all my time to prepare the final presentation. I added some alerts to the presentation. I also fixed our casing. Some parts was broken. Therefore, I helped Benjamin to make the slides.

During the next part of the week, I’m going to continue to prepare the presentation.

I hope to see you Friday.

Benoît, for BreathUp

BreathUp, the end is coming!

Hi everyone,

I spent the most of my time to do clean up, some changes on the global integration and other minor changes. Indeed, I changed the color code to show more information thanks to the LEDs. In the same time, I modified how I used the different LEDs because I found my work on that could be better.

The next week is our last ROSE week and there will be the final presentation on Friday. Therefore, the task of the week is the preparation of this presentation.

Have a nice week

Benoît for BreathUp

BreathUp, Week 17 : Intend

Good Evening,

This week has started to a meeting with Laurent in order to make acquisitions and understand why we did not have EMG with our own PCB. After some tests and different configurations, we had acquisitions with EMG. But, the signal was not able to brand it.

After that, I left my team-mates explore several ways to make different tasks. Indeed, I made another test to know how batteries unloads. I changed the getter of the battery’s level. I also fixed errors on the Android application. I made tests about our first integrated version in order to find bugs on the application and on our device too. I made few modifications on the casing.

I discovered a new tool: Indent. It is very interesting and easy to use. Intend allow us to decide a standard thanks to commands which are put on the When Indent is used, it corrects and puts the configuration which are decided with the commands. Because of that, we can have the same C style in every files easily.

So, my next task will be to clean up and help my team-mates on their tasks.

Have a nice week!

Benoît for BreathUp

BreathUp, Box and Battery

Hi everyone,

During this end of the week, I continued my work on the casing of our PCB. After some tests, a version 1 has been validated.

While we did tests for the Bluetooth integration, a bug, on the application, had been found on the application. I fixed it but after reflexion I think a better correction could be done but I did not have time to change that. I will take a look on  that.

Eventually, I worked on the battery qualification. Indeed, in order to know the battery level, on the PCB, the battery power is linked to an ADC. As we are able to read and write a SD-card, I used that to know how the battery unloading is. About every 3 minutes, I wrote on the SD-card the value of the battery and after 29 hours the battery was done.  I could combine those results with the led handler of the battery level.

As you could see on the Benjamin post, we had acquisitions with our PCB. The ECG was OK but there was not EMG. We tried to found solutions, but we did not. That’s why, we will meet Laurent, our contact of the start-up E-Respi, to work with him. Next week, main tasks will be to have good acquisitions and finish the global integration and clean up.

Have a nice week.

Benoît for BreathUp.

BreathUp, CAD & Color Coding

Hi everyone!

This week, I begun with the color coding. Indeed, the different LEDs on the PCB indicate the state of the device and the alerts. The functions which handle the LEDs are OK but not integrated. However, I could not test the color code for the battery level because the battery level is not finished.

After, I have worked on the CAD software Fusion 360 to create a casing for our PCB. I never used a software like it. So, to understand how it works and how create a part it was an easy. Moreover, I could not use it on my own laptop I had to install the software on a virtual Windows machine in A406. However, to learn how use the Fusion 360, I could ask Sylvain and Arnaud some questions. But it is a new thing to me and I spent lot of times to make simple tasks. I have made a first version but there was a problem when I print it. I made some corrections and printed again a cover and it is better. I will print the base and make others corrections.

Eventually, I will also work on the final integration.

Benoît for BreathUp.

BreathUp, Time and Buzzer

Hi everyone!

Since Wednesday, I have continued to work on the RDC Driver and the time. I would like do functions which were able to get the current time and return a file name or a directory  name. I needed to rewrite the itoa function. After that, I made the link between the time handler’s functions and the Bluetooth’s get time function in order to update the time  thanks to the Bluetooth connexion and the smartphone.

I also made several tests for the beginning of the global integration in order to understand some bugs with the Bluetooth connection.

After that, I wanted to buzz the buzzer but when I welded the buzzer and tested the circuit to know if there were not a short-circuit, I found the buzzer was not blocked. So, I found that strange and after investigations, that was not a buzzer. Because of this, I did researches to find a new buzzer. However, Alexis have given me a buzzer to write the code about that.

The next week, I will work on the global integration and make the handler of the color code to indicate if the power, the parameters are ok or not.



BreathUp, Android & Time


As I said in my last post, I have tested the Android app and its management of the different kind of requests before with the Bluetooth module on the board E407 and then on own PCB when Alexandre finished its implementation on the PCB. Thanks to those tests I fixed mistakes.

After that, I worked on the handler of the time. Indeed, to handle the measurement files, we will need to match an acquisition with a time. To do that, I used the RTC Driver. I needed a few moments to understand how it worked. But it was easier than I thought even if I blocked a little bit with the year in the struct tm of the time library and the RTCDataTime. But I am enable to set an initial time and get the updated time.

Now, I can do it, I will work again on the time and its integration with the Bluetooth. I think I will have the time to add the buzzer on the PCB.

Have a nice end of week.


BreathUp, Android – Bluetooth – Time

Good Evening,

Since Wednesday, I have continued to work on the application and after some tests I found an error about the way I used to handle the thread of the service. So, after to speak with Sam, I decided to change how I made it and used a conditionVariable. I also split the application to put on a new app the part about the Bluetooth Server, I used that to make tests. I also modified a little bit the design of the application.

Friday, with my team-mates, we made some checks about our progress and we decided to do some changes. Indeed, now, it is the application which will send the time to the device,thanks to the Bluetooth connection, instead of the Lora chip. So, the application could receive different kind of requests sent by the device. The device could send a report, ask the parameters’ setup, and ask the time. To do that I modified a little bit the structure of the application. I need to make tests to valid that. At the same time, I changed the error codes which are sent to the device in order to have a response which have always the same length.

Eventually, the next week, I will finish with the treatment of the time requests and the other kind of requests. It is implemented but not tested. I need to implement a remote device which send different requests. I will use the work of Alexandre to do that on the Olimex E407 or on own PCB if the Bluetooth module works on. After, I will work to handle the time in order to have signals which match with a time to file them.

Have a nice week!


BreathUp, New requests!

Hi !

Like I wrote in my last post, I worked on the integration of the new requests in the app. Indeed, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the remote could send bytes instead of chars. To do that I created a class PostRequest with OkHttp package. The main difficulty was to understand how make the request because I would like sending only bytes in the body and I did not know which content-type was the good. Moreover, there was a mistake on the server because it wanted 19 bytes instead of 18. So, I did not understand why my request was bad with the error 400 and I spoke with Xavier to be agree with him on the post request. Now, that is ok. I also modified a little the structure of the app to be able to handle bytes.

Now, the application seems to be ok, I just need to clean up and I could work on the IMU.



BreathUp, Bluetooth interfacing and Post Request

Good Evening!

During this end of the week, I spent my time to interface the Bluetooth Application with the code which made by Alexandre in order to connect the smartphone to the Bluetooth unit and do long exchanges. After some problems and tests, the two devices are interfacing.

Since yesterday, Xavier has changed the encryption’s algorithm and the server request. I have began to switch the two Get requests to Put requests, but I will finish that next week.

Before the interfacing of the Bluetooth, I spent few times on the IMU driver to understand how the I2C communication works .

Have a nice week,