SwARM: Homecoming

Hi everyone,

Let’s start by wishing you all a nice year 🙂

During the holidays there wasn’t much work done but since I got back on Monday I’ve gotten back on the tracks really fast and there has been a lot of progress on my behalf:

First I have finished a good draft of the polar enslavement of the motors. I calibrated P coefficient and started working on I and D but as the robot I am testing all of this on is just a level 0 prototype I would be wasting my time.

So I moved on to preparing the process of guiding a robot through a sequence of positions. I have written and tested a sequence of 3 positions (distance and angle orders to enslave to) and it works fine.

Finally I started writting the code that will update the robot’s position and maybe update the next position orders.

As to the global progress of the project, these holidays were mainly calm for all of us 🙂 I worked the first five days on the project but then surrendered to the festivities and their preparations. Also Arnaud did some intensive work on the communication protocol in order to have it working. But now Alban might be facing some difficulties with the camera so he will decide this week if it is worth spending a lot of time on as the end of the project nears very fast.
Also we hope to get some orientation mesure thanks to Perceval any time soon, which will allow us to integrate both our work.

For now I will keep working on the position calculation and on the trajectory adaptations.

Have a nice first week of 2017!


SwARM: Motors

Hi Guys!

This second part of the week was also quite challenging because in order to be able to work on how to control the robots’ movements we had to build a moving basis with two motors with embedded coding wheels and a P407 board.
The last three days I spent writting some code to control them, I started with the basics: getting coding wheel feedback, deciding of the rotation direction, controlling the power going to them with PWMs, etc…

Already there seems to be some problems getting the feedback of the coding wheels at maximum power. Maybe the MCU can’t handle that much interruptions and calculations. I will dig into this later this week by capturing overflow interruptions on the coding wheels’ feedback.

Here are some nice pictures of the setup, I have taken off the wheels so that the robot does not strip all the cables from the computer on startup. I also don’t want my cat to think of it as its Christmas high-tech toy 😀

Alexis has nearly finished working on our PCB so we now have to check it and sign with our blood that we assume full responsibility if it doesn’t work 🙂

Wish you all nice holidays and a nice week

PS: As you can see there is a LiPo battery on the robot to power the motor, this has grown into a nightmare because I am scared that it could start a fire as it did in Alexis’ office…

SwARM: Foundations of Stone

Dear all,

This first part of the week was rather exhausting, I have spent the last three days in A406 working on the project because there was a lot of thinking and doing to be done quickly. As a result of this all of us have documented what we have to do and how we will do it. You can visit our Wiki to get the latest updates on the project.

The PCB is in Alexis’ most capable hands until the end now, the order should be placed on Monday if everything goes swiftly.

I did some thinking on the moves of the robots and if you want to know more about it please check out our Wiki page 🙂

Today we spent the whole day cleaning our git repository, learning and practicing git rebase and stuff like that ^^ Our past on git looks a whole lot better now !

Tomorrow I will work with Arnaud to create a robot basis in order to be able to test the movement code on something during the holidays.

Have a nice end of the week


PS: Today was Secret Santa’s day!

SwARM: A little push

Hey guys!

This week was very productive I think because I made some real progress on the code that will control the wheels 🙂 We are now able to get the speed of the robots thanks to the coding wheels! I tested my code with a simple setup, Arnaud created a simple comparator which he solded to a STM32P407 board and we connected a motor with the embedded coding wheels to it too. Then with an adequate power supply I tested the code and verified the results that were printed out by filming the rotation of the wheel and calculating by myself its speed. Well we did not use the videos because Samuel suggested to record the sound of the wheel to which we would previously have added a piece of metal that would hit the table each time it would rotate… Tomorrow I will take a picture of my setup to add it to my next post so that it is understandable 🙂

Alexis is still working on the PCB and he made some changes on the placement of connectors on the PCB. We did just participate to his work by approving his changes.

So again this week I will keep an eye on the PCB and work hard on the code that will control the moves of the robots 🙂

Have a nice week 🙂


SWARM: where is my mind?

Dear followers,

The PCB is in the hands of Alexis, he is currently working on the placing and routing 🙂 we have already talked about placing an order and I think that I will receive a robot prototype for Christmas ^^

I have worked on the coding wheels and I am writing a first draft for testing. It is taking some time because after one month of ExpeditionPCB I lost my ChibiOS habits ^^ there should be a first commit soon!

I will keep working on both these tasks this week 🙂



Good news too, I organized a feast for both ROSE2017 participants! It should take place next Monday in a restaurant nearby. We need seal our friendship with beer and pizza!

PAULGWF, already in the bed, had to turn my cellphone on again for the logbook post 🙂



SwARM: Let it be

Hey guys,

This part of the week I still focused on finishing the PCB and tonight Alexis is working on it, so it looks like the end of this Expedition PCB is near 🙂

Also I started thinking on my next task, controlling the robots’ moves 🙂 There is a new small page on our wiki 🙂

Have a nice week !


SwARM: Roots and beginnings

Hey guys!

This first part of the week I finished a first version of the PCB which I submitted to Alexis and I am waiting on his feedback on the matter.
Today I had the chance to share a FH class with Benjamin and Arnaud and this allowed to spend some time with my classmate and discuss the ROSE project. I wanted to know what I was going to do after the PCB and I have chosen to work on the movements of the robots. I will have to code so that they go to a position and by knowing their current position thanks to the DWM modules and with the feedback of the coding wheels. This will be a long task that I must divide into steps so that I can mesure my progress and have a clear view of what I must do and still have to do.

Wish you all a nice end of the week


SwARM: Celebration

Hey guys!

This week was rather full of surprises 🙂 With the new tests that were driven by Arnaud and Perceval we know that the Decawave modules have to be in a vertical position in order for us to have a maximum precision on the location of the robots. So we decided to take the DWMs off the board and we added a MCM8 connector to connect it with cable to the board.

Alexis also helped me with the switched mode power supplies’ placement on friday and since then I can say that all the components are placed and I have begun routing them. I wanted to have finished it by this evening but I went to the graduation ceremony of my older brother so I only had time to make a small commit yesterday morning, and because of it I had to speed up all the preparations of my trip 😉

This next week I will only have FH classes so there should be plenty of time to complete routing 🙂

I wish you a nice week


SwARM: Comme d’habitude

Hi guys!

This first part of the week was business as usual for me. I worked on the placement, reviewed the design with Perceval, made some corrections and now all my attention is placed on the placement. We exchanged some interesting emails with Alexis in order to review some details of the schematics and today he helped us with the placement 🙂

That’s why, as soon as I finish my meeting with the spanish teacher tomorrow morning, I will spend a last few hours on placement and then routing.

On a more general basis Monday we had to make a presentation in thirty minutes and the discussion with the teachers helped us understand that we lacked some organization and that we had to focus on urgent tasks like locating the robots with Decawaves and a camera as well as define how the communications are going to work between the server and the robots.

Have a nice second half of the week 🙂


SwARM: These days

Hi guys!

This second part of the week was challenging at first: I finished placing the components on the PCB and that took me some time as I wanted it to be well done. We are stiil waiting on Alexis to review our design and then the placements of the components so that I can route everything.

These weekend I deliberately took some time of as I hadn’t taken any before saturday since the beginning of the project 🙂 Now I feel great and I am ready to get back to class tomorrow!

This week I think we MUST order the PCBs! So I will keep working on them 🙂

You all have a nice week!


PS: here are the PDFs of our board (both design and PCB)